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Auto Services in Campbell, California


If there’s one thing you should know about Motorpool Automotive in Campbell, California, it’s that we don’t mess around. Professional car care takes many forms. We are properly equipped, able, and committed to fulfilling all auto needs to an absolute T. No matter what, we ensure your vehicle is completely safe and road-worthy before returning you the keys with expert auto services and repairs. If your car is in need of maintenance or repair, your solution is located right at 920 Camden Ave #1. To learn more about us, our auto services and repairs, and anything in between, give us a call at (408) 688-5828. Motorpool Automotive looks forward to working with you soon!


Getting the most from your car, truck, or SUV falls on you—take care of it properly with routine maintenance and occasional repair, and it’ll take care of you tenfold. We make that easy with our fully equipped auto shop. Auto maintenance is a responsibility you must uphold as a car owner. Not only does it ensure your car is operating correctly and safely, but it also promotes vehicle longevity and optimizes resale value. Maintenance auto services include oil changes, tire rotations, wheel alignments, fluid refills, filter changes, and battery and brake inspections. Intervals for such services depend on your vehicle, in addition to its age, mileage, and condition. The full interval breakdown can be found in your owner’s manual. However, you can also reach out to us for further clarification or a customized schedule for all auto services.


Wear and tear, accidents, adverse road and weather conditions -- your car is susceptible to a number of hazards just from normal driving operations. If things take a turn for the worse, head to Motorpool Automotive. We have the equipment and manpower to tackle any repair that comes our way to a credible degree. We follow all manufacturer and industry guidelines for precise and compliant results. Our expertise allows us to repair all sorts of problems with the engine, transmission, battery, brakes, tires, heating and air conditioning, cooling system, suspension, electrical system, and computer system. For example, we can replace brake pads, perform a cooling system pressure test, and replace a clutch. To put it plainly, we do it all.


Since 2013, our auto repair facility has served the greater Campbell, California area with expert auto services and repairs. Our team is a tight-knit group of individuals who are passionate about car care and only want the best for you and your vehicle. We really are in business for you, and we won’t rest on our laurels until we are 100% confident your car is in mint condition by performing the necessary auto services. We offer several amenities in our shop to accommodate our customers and their unique automotive needs, such as a comfortable waiting area, excellent specials (including our exclusive Sticker Deal program), parts and accessories, and so much more!