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Tire Repair in Campbell, California

Motorpool Automotive, Where All Your Tire Needs Are Answered

Driving on tires that are worn and old is like trying to run a marathon in beat-up sneakers. You'd suffer after a few miles, right? Just imagine what worn tires are doing to your car. Not only does fuel economy suffer, but poor traction results in longer stopping times and an increased risk of an accident. For all your tire needs, from tire repair to maintenance to purchasing a new set, come by Motorpool Automotive in Campbell, California! Our auto shop service team works overtime to make sure your tires are in supreme condition by monitoring simple features like tread depth, tire pressure, and more. For proper tire repair and maintenance, visit Motorpool Automotive at 920 Camden Ave #1. Contact us at (408) 688-5828 to schedule an appointment or to learn more!

How to Care for Your Tires

It's easy to take your car's tires for granted. However, it's important to constantly monitor them for defects like low tread depth, deflation, or poor alignment. Deflated or poorly aligned tires, in particular, can cause your tires to wear out quicker or become loose, which increases your chances of blowing out on the road. We cover a wide range of maintenance services to help you get the most life out of your tires. Rotating your tires, for instance, ensures even wear and longer life. Wheel alignment and tire balancing are additional maintenance items to stay on top of to prevent tire repair. When should you visit for tire service? Your owner's manual lists suggested maintenance intervals for your vehicle. A change in seasons, or an impending road trip, are good times, too.

Types of Tire Repair

It's easy keeping your tires in good condition since paying attention to three details — good tread depth, proper pressure, and rotation on schedule — tends to keep your tires and your car on the straight and narrow. If time or rough road conditions have taken their toll, however, you may need repair. Tire repair is recommended for damage to the tread area only and puncture repair if there is a puncture less than ¼ of an inch. If there is damage to the shoulder or sidewall area, two key players in the tire's structural integrity, replacement is the likelier route. We also offer Tire Pressure Monitoring System service. We'll confirm the system is operating correctly and if repair is needed to rectify any abnormalities. Sometimes, it's simply a matter of replacing the valve cores, valve nuts, valve caps, seals, or seal washers to get it back up to speed.

New Tires for Sale

If your tires are significantly worn or aged where tire repair won't suffice, we can set you up with a new set so your car can give you the performance and safety you deserve. We sell a great selection of name-brand tires and offer expert installation! Tires aren't made equal. Besides being different sizes, different tires are designed for different purposes. Their tread patterns and even the type of materials used in their manufacture can differ from one to the next. This is why it's crucial to confer with professionals when choosing new tires. Our expert technicians put the same thought and care into your tires as they do every other aspect of your vehicle, ensuring your safety.