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Brake Repair in Campbell, California

Motorpool Automotive, Your Trusted Source for Brake Care

Zero to sixty mph is thrilling, but sixty to zero mph is invaluable. At Motorpool Automotive in Campbell, California, we take care of all brake repair and maintenance needs to ensure your stopping power is never compromised. Can we replenish brake fluid? You bet. Are we able to replace brake pads? Of course. What about replacing the master cylinder? You got it. Our factory-trained and certified service team are experts in all facets of automotive service, including brake care: from brake fluid exchanges and leak patching to complete brake replacement. We go the extra mile in our brake repair service efforts, so you can go the extra 10, 50, and 100 with utter confidence. See us today at 920 Camden Ave #1.

Common Brake Problems in a Car

Using the brakes in a car is simple in practice. Behind the scenes, however, the braking system is a complex combination of parts. These include discs, shoes, rotors, brake pads, and brake calipers, in addition to several others. They all play their own role and work together to ensure the vehicle stops on a dime, with zero problems. Brake fluid leaks are common and are often located in the brake line or the master cylinder, the latter of which a leak can be internal or external. Equally common are worn brake pads, which are inevitable due to wear from both age and consistent use. Rotors are susceptible to warping, pad imprinting, and containing excessive moisture, all of which can very well compromise the entire brake system’s operation. Additional issues we see are frozen or leaking calipers and worn brake lines and shoes, all of which will require brake repair.

What Are Warning Signs of Brake Problems?

Brake problems often make themselves known by a number of signs. The most obvious that your brakes require attention is when the dashboard brake light comes on. This could signal something as simple as an overdue brake inspection or a bigger problem within the unit that requires minor or major brake repair. Another symptom that it’s time for new brakes is if your car shakes or vibrates when you press down on the brake pedal. Brakes grinding when in operation is an additional indicator, as is a squealing sound or pulling to the side. We encourage prompt action at the first sign of brake trouble to ensure your safety is not compromised and to prevent further damage to the system and the need for costly repairs.

Brake Repair Specialists

Our experienced team will work with you one on one to review your situation and create a customized repair plan, and we guarantee 100% transparency throughout the process. In fact, we welcome your questions or concerns as we progress, as this is a great way to ensure your complete satisfaction. We have the know-how and equipment to effortlessly perform a number of brake repair jobs, including rotor replacement, brake pad replacement, disc, and drum repair, parking brake adjustments, and fluid replenishment (and so many more!). We also offer comprehensive brake inspections and services. For a full list of what we can do for you and our shop amenities (such as pick-up and drop-off service), ring us at (408) 688-5828.