Auto Radiator Repair in Campbell, California

Ensure Proper Function of Your Radiator at Motorpool Automotive

An integral component of a car's cooling system, the radiator manages and enables the coolant (or antifreeze) to be released throughout the engine to maintain a moderate temperature and prevent overheating. Should something go wrong, turn to your local car aficionados at Motorpool Automotive in Campbell, California. We'll take a look at what's going on and provide the best solution for radiator repair in our auto shop. Radiator maintenance, pressure tests, inspections, full radiator replacement—we do it all, and then some. Contact Motorpool Automotive at (408) 688-5828 to learn more about our range of radiator repair and maintenance services! You can find us located at 920 Camden Ave #1.

How to Care for a Car Radiator

Did you know regular upkeep is needed for a car radiator? Yes, really! For starters, it's imperative that the coolant is filled at optimal levels at all times. This fluid regulates the temperature of the engine, averting the potential for overheating or freezing. An annual radiator flush is recommended, which rids of particle buildup and prevents clogging in the system. Otherwise, the buildup can seep into the rest of the cooling system, cause degradation and wear, and eventually even malfunction, requiring extensive radiator repair. Additionally, the radiator cap needs to be screwed on tight! Not only does it prevent outside air and debris from contaminating the inside, but it is also designed to keep the entire system properly pressurized to ensure optimal functionality.

Different Types of Radiator Problems

A couple of different issues can sprout from the radiator and heed the need for radiator repair. A common problem is corrosion (rust, calcium, or limescale) due to antifreeze depletion. Did you know mixing antifreeze with tap water can decrease its overall shelf life? Antifreeze companies always recommend the use of distilled water or a pre-mixed coolant variant to get the most use out of it. Furthermore, if contaminants get into the antifreeze solution, electrolysis can occur and compromise the radiator's function. Damage via foreign objects, collisions, or misplacement at the time of installation is another complication a radiator can endure. Outside the radiator, a faulty thermostat, damaged cooling fan, or leaking head gasket can also result in a problem with the system. Whether it be a broken radiator hose or a leak, we have you covered with expert radiator repair.

Signs of Radiator Failure

Routine maintenance and inspection help minimize the chance of problems with your radiator, but in the event, something does go awry, you want to be sure you're taking the proper precautions. Luckily, your car will let you know of a radiator issue via a few different signs. An overheating engine is one of the most obvious: steam emanating from under the hood, the temperature gauge pointing to the far left, or if there is a "hot" smell. Low coolant levels and coolant leaks are also common. If your heating system isn't working properly, the radiator may be at fault. If your car is experiencing one of these symptoms or displaying a different problem, make an appointment with us! Our certified repair experts are fluent in the cooling system's operations and the radiator, ensuring accurate inspection, diagnosis, and repair.