Suspension Repair in Campbell, California

We Take Care of All Suspension Services and Repairs

Did you know the suspension is what creates a comfortable and controlled ride? Not only that but that it also supports the full weight of your vehicle? If you're experiencing less-than-ideal steering and handling from your car, head to Motorpool Automotive in Campbell, California. Our professional team of technicians will inspect your suspension and steering system and provide expert suspension repair! We are in the business of fixing things, and we won't rest until your car is running like brand new again. If your vehicle needs suspension repair, inspection, or replacement, give us a call at (408) 688-5828 to book an appointment! We look forward to seeing you soon at 920 Camden Ave #1.

What Causes a Suspension to Go Bad?

The suspension system comprises multiple pieces that work in unison to create a stable ride. As with several vehicle components, wear due to time and use is one of the most common reasons for parts to become compromised and require suspension repair. Stress from the car's weight and encounters with rough road conditions also contributes to wear rate and severity. Due to the proximity to the ground, the suspension is also highly vulnerable to damage from everyday road flaws: potholes, curbs, rocks, speed bumps, debris, and even other vehicles. If you recently hit a deep pothole or bottomed out when pulling out of a driveway, and your car's driving dynamics have slightly been off since then your suspension may have incurred damage just from that one instance.

Types of Suspension Problems

So, what exactly can go wrong? The suspension system features shocks, struts, springs, control arms, bushings, bearings, joints, and linkages. Over time, shocks and struts break down, weaken, and can even develop a leak, resulting in the need for replacement. Furthermore, springs can sag and become damaged, ball joints can fail, and control arms can bend and weaken. What may seem insignificant in writing is quite the opposite in actuality. If one component experiences damage, no matter how minuscule it may be, it can affect the entire system's efficacy, your driving performance, and your safety. Even improper wheel alignment can lead to suspension problems. It's important to be mindful of changes in your driving experience and carving out the time to come in for an inspection and suspension repair if deemed necessary.

How Do I Know If I Need Suspension Repair?

The suspension system is tied to the agility of a car's performance, which makes it quite easy to tell when there may be a problem within the unit. The most obvious is a rougher ride where you can essentially feel every bump in the road; this is often indicative of bad shocks. Similarly, pulling to one side when driving without your input is another common sign, as is difficulty steering. Physically, your car may sit low to the ground in one corner, which signifies a broken or damaged spring, and your shock absorbers can become oily when there is a leak. Regardless of the symptom that your vehicle may be displaying, we encourage prompt action by making an appointment with our auto shop. We provide all major suspension repair jobs, including ball joint replacement, tie rods, shocks, struts, and sway bars.